As of 9/18/2023, we have relocated to:

Omni Athletic Performance + Recovery Center
8786 SW 133 Street
Miami, FL 33176

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Injuries often cause people to become overprotective and fearful of certain movements. These avoidance behaviors can drive chronic pain, disability, and dysfunction. Unfortunately, most doctors and therapists consult with their clients for only a few minutes before prescribing medication, imaging, or a set of cookie-cutter exercises. 

At Miami Chiropractic & Movement, we:

  • Learn about your story, history, environment, concerns, expectations, and goals;
  • Understand where you are and where you need to be; and 
  • Take the time to watch you move to determine your capacity shortfalls vs. your required capacity.

Rather than assuming all patients with similar pain or pathology require the same prescriptions
–- we can design an individualized program for you that includes a safe starting point and
relatable plan to help you move better, move longer, and experience less pain. 

Whatever your age, degree of mobility, or general health – if you have chronic pain or an injury
that won’t go away, click on the button below to discover how we can help you function better
to feel better.



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